My name is Kylie Miller, I’m the creator and founder of Kylie Bird Photography. I graduated from MSU Denver in May 2019 with a B.A. in Social Documentary. Since then I strive to capture fleeting moments.

My passion is illuminating the human condition through the art of storytelling. Everything has a story, and I actively create innovative ways to share each story.

My adoration for good compositions extends beyond photography. While working on my undergrad, I have discovered a love for storytelling. Following my heart, I found myself creating an individualized degree that focused on visuals. From videography to layout & design, and even the magical combination of words and photography, I’m following my dream of telling the stories of others, who may not have the ability to do so.

While I mainly studied photojournalism, I have worked for the Strategy, Marketing and Communications Office at MSU Denver as the editorial assistant where I was able to make photos and write stories for their editorial platforms, RED, the Early Bird and social media channels. I am currently working for the department as a university events specialist, producing in-person, hybrid and virtual events.

After closing one big chapter in my life by finishing my degree, I started Kylie Bird Photography, LLC. making photos for clients based off their lifestyle. Anything from weddings to maternity and newborns, I’m there to capture all the little and big moments. I enjoy working one on one with folks ensuring I can meet their expectations so they can walk away with photos that will last a lifetime.

Need to get in contact with me?

Send me an email at kyliehen27@gmail.com or message me on social media:

Instagram: @kyliebirdphoto

Facebook: Kylie Bird Photography