Welcome! My name is Kylie Miller, I’m a visual storyteller, marketing mastermind, design guru and daring leader.

My passion is illuminating the human condition through the art of storytelling. Everything has a story, and I actively create innovative ways to share each story.

My adoration for good compositions extends beyond photography. While working on my undergrad, I have discovered a love for creating content that tells a story. Through my undergraduate studies at MSU Denver, I created my own individualized degree focused on visuals including photography, videography, layout & design, and writing and reporting.

While working full time at MSU Denver after graduating, I’ve had the opportunity to lead and execute marketing and create innovative designs for the Office of University Events. Meanwhile, I’ve also created Kylie Bird Photography, a photography company rooted in illuminating the human condition through capturing candid moments.

From the nickname I was coined as a kid, Kylie Bird, I’ve embraced this and it’s allowed me to spread my wings in creativity. Here on Kylie Bird Creates you’ll find more information about Kylie Bird Photography, my portfolio collection and samples of my published work. Thanks for stopping by – Cheers! 🤍Kylie



Kylie Bird Photography